You can find the materials here.
Tubes are from Rozenmaiden and Ametista (they share @ Mist_Reflections)
and from Brigitte Mtm.
Thank you ladies for your great work.

1 background
3 tubes
font Hackers
font Magma
Filter Toadies, Ommadown, click here
Filter Xero Porcelain, click here
Filter Simple, Diamonds, click here
Filter DC Layer, Mergency4, click here


Take the arrow to know where you are in the tutorial.

1. File, new image, 600 x 440 pixels, transparant

2. Foreground color #4e6ea3

3. Flood fill your canvas with the foreground color

4. Open the tube ametista_terra06, copy and paste as new layer

5. Layer palette, switch the blend mode to luminance

6. Layers, new rasterlayer

7. Selections, select all

8. Open the image 006eau1, copy and paste into selection

9. Selections, select none

10. Effects, plugins, DC Layer, Mergency4 as follows

11. Layer palette, blend mode normaal, opacity 43%

12. Effects, plugins, Toadies, Ommadown as follows

13. Adjust, blur, blur

14. Open the tube RozenMaiden_Eyes_misted

15. Image, resize, 85%

16. Copy and paste as new layer, move as shown below

17. Layer palette, blend mode, lighten

18. Layers, merge, merge visible

19. Duplicate this layer

20. Selections, select all

21. Selections, modify, contract, 20 pixels

22. Selections, invert

23. Effects, plugins, Simple, Diamonds

24. Layer palette, opacity 15%

25. Selections, select none

26. Activate the tube Mtm_Vector 64

27. Image, resize, 90%

28. Copy and paste as new layer, move to a good location

29. Duplicate this layer twice

30. Click on the lowest of these layers

31. Adjust, blur, Gaussian blur, 30

32. Click on the middle one of these 3 layers

33. Adjust, blur, radial blur, as follows

34. Layers, merge, merge visible

35. Effects, plugins, Xero Porcelain as follows

36. Image, add border, 2 pixels, symmetric checked, color 3d495e

37. Activate the text tool and choose the font Hackers

38. Lock the background color, foreground color white

39. Type the first letter

40. Activate the text tool again, choose the font Magma, size 80

41. Type the rest

42. Use the move tool to place your text together

43. Effects, 3D effects, drop shadow as follows

44. Layer palette, opacity 85%

45. Don't forget your signature and save as a jpg


Extra example made by An Creatief


Lesson Reflections was written on March 9th, 2008


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