The Look


You can find the materials here.
The tube is from Lori Rhae and the mask is from Sharlimar.
Thank you ladies for your great work.

2 backgrounds
Tube 002677045Courtney s Shoot_
Selection NVCircle01
1 brush
Mask sharlimarMask56
Filter, VTR2, here
Filter Graphics Plus, Cross Shadow, here
Filter AAAFrames, Fotoframe, here
Filter Xero Porcelain, here

Preparation :
Open your fonts
and put the selection and the brush in the right map
(PSP X1 and X2: Selection in Corel_12 and brush and brush tip in Corel_01).

Take the arrow to know where you are in the tutorial.

1. File, new image, 800 x 600 pixels transparent

2. Selections, select all

3. Open the background NVBG-blue01, copy and paste into selection

4. Layers, new raster layer

5.Open the image 37 _Eye_800_600.jpg, copy and paste into selection

6. Selections, select none

7. Reduce the opacity to 33%

8. Layers, new raster layer and flood fill the layer with color #C10915

9. Layer palette, blend mode, overlay

10. Layers, merge, merge visible

11. Layers, duplicate

12. Click in your layer palette on the botom layer, Adjust, hue and saturation, colorize as follows

13. Click in your layer palette on the top layer

14. Layers, load/save mask, load mask from disk

15. Find your mask sharlimarMask56 with the following settings

16. Layers, merge, merge group

17. Layer palette, blend mode, Dodge

18. Effects, plugins,, VTR2, as follows

19. Effects, edge effects, enhance

20. Layers, new raster layer

21. Put your foreground color to #A39C3F and the background color to #FF7442

22. Take your brush Lynd04-031 003 with the following settings

23. Put the brush a few times on the left in the white area

24. Swap foreground color and background color

25. Put the brush a few times on the right in the green area

26. Open the tube 002677045Courtney s Shoot_, copy, paste as new layer and move as on example

27. Duplicate this layer twice

28. Select in your layer palette the bottom layer of these 3 layers

29. Adjust, blur, radial blur with the following settings

30. Select in your layer palette the middle of these three layers

31. Adjust, blur, gaussian blur, radius 32,00

32. Select in your layer palette the top layer

33. Layers, new raster layer

34. Switch your foreground color to black and lock the background color

35. Draw a random rectangle in this layer

36. Put the settings in your tool options palette as follows

37. Selections, load/save selection, load selection from disk, load NVCircle01 and fill with black

38. Selections, invert

39. Take the eraser, hardness and opacity 100 and erase a part of the rectangle as shown below

40. Selections, select none

41. Layers, new raster layer

42. Switch your foreground color and your background color to white

43. Draw a random rectangle

44. Put the settings in your tool options palette as follows

45. Layer palette, opacity, 30%

46. Layers, merge, merge visible

47. Image, add border, 20 pixels, with color #e1755d

48. Select this border with the magic wand tool (Match mode RGB value, Tolerance 0, Feather 0)

49. Effects, plugins, Graphics Plus, Cross Shadow with the following settings

50. Selections, select none

51. Effects, plugins, AAAFrames, Fotoframe with the following settings

52. Layers new raster layer for your text

53. Activate the text tool and choose the font 01 DigitGraphics, size 40 pixels

54. Lock the foreground color and switch the background color to black

55. Type your text and put it as shown on example

56. Activate the text tool again and choose the font MBats, size 80 pixels

57. Type the second text and put it as shown on example

58. Effects, plugins, Xero porcelain with the following settings

59. Don't forget your signature and save as a jpg


Extra example made by An Creatief


Lesson The Look was written on April 28, 2008


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