You can find the materials here

The tubes are from Mystress, Trizia, Monique42 and Sandi
Thank you ladies for letting me use them.

4 tubes
1 background
1 font HONEBONE Ukokkei
Filter Photo Aging Kit here (to import in Filters Unlimited)
Filter Lokas Software 3D Shadow here
You can download a demo-version of Alien Skin here


Take the arrow to know where you are in the tutorial.

1. File, new image 800 x 600 pixels transparent

2. Selections, Select all

3. Open the background BackNVhalloween

4. Copy and paste into selection

5. Selections, Select none

6. Open the tube HAUNTED HOUSE 01 MDZ MIST

7. Image, Resize, 130%

8. Copy and paste as new layer

9. Effects, Image effects, Offset 0 / -70

10. Open the tube Tubed_by_monique42_3204

11. Image, Resize, 110%

12. Copy and paste as new layer

13. Effects, Image effects, Offset 160 / 80

14. Layer palette, Opacity 53%

15. Open the tube amberweb-sandi

16. Image, Resize, 175%

17. Copy and paste as new layer

18. Effects, Image effects, Offset 160 / 80

19. Layer palette, Opacity 59%

20. Open the tube TriziaTubed_Dark_Witch

21. Copy, Paste as new layer and put it as shown on example

22. Layers, Duplicate

23. Layers, Arrange, Move Down

24. Adjust, Blur, Radial Blur as follows

25. Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

26. Effects, Plugins, Filters Unlimited 2.0, Photo Aging Kit as follows

27. Switch your background color to c9731f and lock the foreground color

28. Select the font HONEBONE Ukokkei, size 120 pixels, typ Halloween and position your text

29. Layers, Convert to Raster Layer

30. Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow as follows

31. Effects, Plugins, Lokas Software, 3D shadow as follows

32. Image, Add Borders, 3 pixels, color 353837

33. Layers, New Rasterlayer

34. Effects, Plugins, Alien Skin Xenofex 2, Lightning as follows

and glow as follows

35. Use your Selection Tool K to place the beginning and the end of the lightning at the right place

36. Put your signature

This is the result

37. Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

38. Now, we'll prepare the animation. If you don't have Animation Shop, save as JPG.
If you're going to make the animation, save as PSP Animation Shop File (*.psp) and name it animation5

39. Edit, Undo

40. Select the Eraser Tool with following settings

and click a few times on the end of the lightning to erase some of it

41. Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

42. Save as PSP Animation Shop File (*.psp) and name it animation4

43. Repeat step 39 to 41, 2 times and name them respectively animation3

and animation2

44. Edit, Undo

45. Layers, Delete

46. Save as PSP Animation Shop File (*.psp) and name it animation1

Now, we'll make the animation

47. Start Animation Shop and open animation5 (File, Open)

48. Import the other animations in this sequence 1, 2, 3, 4

You now have an animation, which we are going to improve.

49. Select the first frame, right click, Frame Properties

50. Change Display time to 15

51. Change in the second frame Display time to 30 and in the other three frames to 15

52. Save as gif.

53. View, Animation to see the animation


This is an extra example made by An Creatief


Lesson Halloween was written on October 26, 2008


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